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Macalester-Groveland Real Estate

You will find a variety of homes in Macalester-Goveland. This includes modern day and late 1800 homes. This community can be found along the Mississippi River and carries on to Summit Hill. A section that was once part of Fort Snelling, Macalester-Groveland became its own sector in the 1850s.

The area had an increase in population when the streetcar system came along. You will find a majority of businesses and retailers are within Macalester-Goveland on Grand Avenue. It is also home of the Grand Old Day festival, which is one of the longest running festivals in the Midwest. This festival occurs on the first Sunday in June. You will experience a parade, art, music, and food. This is an event that all the locals look forward to each year.


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Yes, I’ve been lurking around the backend of this website again. It’s interesting to see which home listings get the most traffic and, today, I’m going to share those with you.


North End

The most popular listing here on is an adorable one-story home built in 1959 and extensively updated. The home features four bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1,630 square feet of living space.

The homeowners installed a new 28 by 16 foot deck and new carpet in the family room. It’s located two blocks from the park and just a few minutes to Washington Technology Magnet School. This home is listed at $204,750.



If you’re looking for a large house, you’ll have some competition for this one. Our second most popular

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The Hamline-Midway is a Saint Paul neighborhood best known for being the long standing home of Charles M. Shulz, cartoonist of “Peanuts.” It was named after the Hamline University and its location in the middle of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The Hamline portion of the name comes from Hamlin University being relocated within the neighborhood’s boundaries from Red Wing, MN back in 1880.

The Midway is part of the name represents that the neighborhood falls directly in the middle between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul. The neighborhood is not only a great location but offers great amenities to residents living here.

About Hamline-Midway

Living in Hamline-Midway is convenient because the green line light rail connects both downtown

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Magnifying Glass - Image Credit:

Saint Paul is a great place to live for many reasons but one of them being the season changes. You’ll find an energy about each season. Excitement is in the air the weather starts to warm up in the summer and again when the colors start to change in the fall. Baseball gets everyone fired up in the spring while the holidays and snow bring love in the air during the winter.

Saint Paul features hockey and a winter carnival each year, as well as the Labor Day weekend State Fair and Oktoberfest in the fall. Here is a look at what you’ll enjoy as the seasons change in St. Paul each year.


With summer around the corner, you may be wondering what type of exciting activities you can enjoy in the city. One highlight of summer is the St. Paul

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Let’s face it, not every kid in Minnesota can attend Edina High School, U.S. News and World Report’s number one high school in the state. That doesn’t mean, however, that you are shut out of finding a quality school, especially in St. Paul.

When it comes to determining a “top school” in any district, it depends on who is doing the rankings. We used a number of sources for our list. Read on.

Higher Ground Academy

With 690 students and 45 teachers, the student/teacher ratio at Higher Ground Academy (15:1) is about average for the state. Where the school excels, however, is in getting their students ready for college.

U.S. News ranks the academy’s high school at number 19 in Minnesota and number 935 nationally. The editors were impressed that

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Magnifying Glass - Image Credit: Macalester Groveland neighborhood in St. Paul stretches from the Mississippi River all the way to Summit Hill. It consists of a mix of modern day homes and mansions that were built way back in the 1800's. This particular neighborhood was once a part of Fort Snelling which is a very historic part of St. Paul. In the 1850's it branched off and became its own independent sector.

Attractions, Events and Things to Do

At the turn of the century there was the introduction of the street car system. Many believe this is what led to a residential boom in the area.

Every summer on the first Sunday of June you can check out the Grand Old Day. It is considered one of the old street festivals in all of America. It is also one of the largest, if not the

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Landmark Center - Image Credit: Landmark Center got its start way back in 1892. Originally it was used as the Post Office and the Federal Court House. Now it is a cultural center that highlights theater, music, exhibitions, dance and a host of other special events throughout the year.

 It is currently owned and supported by Ramsey County. Minnesota Landmarks, a nonprofit agency who specializes in managing landmarks in the area, is responsible for managing the Landmark Center.

Landmark Center is open every day to the general public. The hours of operation are as follows:

  • Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm
  • Thursday from 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday from 10am to 5pm
  • Sunday from 12pm to 5pm

How to Get to Landmark Center

Landmark Center is located in downtown St.

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Every year, Remodeling Magazine puts out its 2015 Cost vs. Value Report and the 2015 issue has just recently been released. For the report, they tracked more than 3,600 projects and found that 269 of them added more to the price of a home when it sold than the project’s cost.

If you’re considering remodeling or making repairs to your St. Paul home and want to know how much, if any, added value the work will bring to the home, read on.

By the way, the report is broken down into regions, so the following suggestions are specific to the Midwest.

Entry Door Replacement

Replacing the entry door and jambs with a 20-guage steel unit, with a half-pane glass window, costs, on average, $1,258. The replacement will net you an extra $1,077 dollars at

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Greater East Side Real Estate

The Greater East Side of St. Paul is a very family friendly area that sits right on the border of Maplewood. 3M just moved their headquarters to the area which makes it a great place to work and live. As a matter of fact, many of the families in the area work for either 3M or one of the other major businesses that can be found on the Greater East Side.

Quiet, but Active Neighborhood

Though this is a very quiet location, there are a lot of fun activities for families to participate in. The main street in the neighborhood is White Bear Avenue. This is where you will find all the local businesses and many of the locals just hanging out having a good time. The neighborhood is lined with trees giving it a very calm and relaxing feeling.


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Train Ride - Image Credit:

If you know anything about St. Paul you know they love train rides. It’s a very popular past time in the area. While there are several place where you can enjoy a train ride in St. Paul, there are only two places that are considered the best. Here are the two top places for St. Paul train rides.

Jackson Street Roundhouse

The Jackson Street Roundhouse used to be a maintenance facility for steam engines. When you want to experience true railroading in the St. Paul area, this is the place you want to go. You will be able to get an in depth look at history thanks to exhibits that feature railway history on a local and regional level.

Here you will be able to operate a genuine roundhouse turntable. It is actually one of the last you will find in

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