July 2016

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St. Paul Saints 2016With summer quickly coming to a close, opportunities to get outside and enjoy the warm weather are dwindling by the day. Sure, the brisk autumn temperatures and football and hockey seasons are equally as enjoyable to many who already live here in the St. Paul area, but stepping outside in shorts and a t-shirt and feeling completely comfortable certainly has its advantages too. 

Even with back-to-school season right around the corner, however, there’s still a lot of summertime fun to take advantage of in St. Paul, starting with a night out at the ballpark. If the new mobile app that allows you to order food and drinks from the comfort of your seats hasn’t been enough to get you out to the beautiful new home of the St. Paul Saints, CHS Field, the team is

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No matter where you look, historic homes often have a significant presence in most major cites, and St. Paul, MN is certainly no different. And because of when many of these homes were first built, you might often find that most also lie closer to downtown, which is exactly where a lot of today’s home buyers want to be. 

For home owners already living in a historic home in St. Paul who might be thinking about a move, the trend of more people wanting to live in more of an urban location couldn’t be more perfect. On the other hand, for home buyers who appreciate older homes with a unique history and distinct charm and character, be prepared to break open wallet and pay a premium. 

Even with downtown historic homes being in high demand right now, the

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Like it or not, millennials are finally starting to make the transition from renting to owning, ultimately having a big say in current market conditions around the Twin Cities and around the country. And if you’re someone who’s on the fence about selling your St. Paul home, it’s always best to understand the home buyer climate and get a feel for how to market your home to who might be interested in it most. 

Generally speaking, millennials, the generation that was born sometime between 1980 and 1995, tend to look for something affordable, functional, and in a location that’s close to plenty of nearby amenities and attractions. But even if this all sounds like something your home has to offer, it’s still important to make your home as appealing as

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