November 2016

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St. Paul Home ValuesWith the end of 2016 fast-approaching, many real estate industry experts are already looking ahead to next year, trying to get a jump on how the local Twin Cities real estate market might fare as we kick off what's projected to be another strong year in 2017. 

Given we still have a full month ahead of us, though, there’s still plenty of time to analyze what’s currently happening around the marketplace, and specifically here in St. Paul. According to countless articles, publications, and market statistics, it might seem that the local St. Paul housing market has apparently made a full recovery, reaching a similar level to what we saw all the way back prior to the recession, which of course brought home prices and home values in the area tumbling down. 

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New Construction Homes For Sale in St. PaulEvery individual home buyer has his or her own specific wish list, but even despite certain preferences, needs, or wants, today’s buyers tend to share some of the same desires when it comes to buying a new home or condo. 

Recently, Builder took a closer look at just what many of today’s home buyers seek in a new place to live, asking a variety of real estate professionals to provide some insight on top design trends and what new construction home buyers are specifically requesting when customizing their new dream home. As you’ll see from the list, some of the items are pretty typical, while others may be a bit surprising. 

Open Layouts

Open layouts have been a top choice for awhile now. A great flow is perfect for entertaining, and it’s also more

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Homes & Condos For Sale Near Upper Landing ParkThe city of St. Paul is loaded with awesome parks and green spaces, and as previously pointed out, it’s a city that’s constantly being recognized for providing its residents with such amazing outdoor amenities. As you might already know, St. Paul certainly isn’t short on public park space, and if you happen to be in the market for a new home or condo somewhere in downtown St. Paul, there’s no better place to live than within walking distance to the city’s one-and-only Upper Landing Park. 

Positioned right along the north side of the Mississippi River, Upper Landing Park showcases the true beauty of St. Paul while also providing visitors and nearby residents with gorgeous views, open lawn space, fountains, and plenty of connecting pathways for walking,

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Parks in St. Paul At this point, it seems like every year the city of St. Paul is getting recognized for its fantastic public park system, which typically ranks at the top or near the top in every single category. Most rankings are based on park access, acreage, upkeep, and facilities, and if you’re someone who already calls St. Paul home, chances are you’re like the thousands of other Twin Cities residents who love staying active and being outside, making the parks and open green spaces in both Minneapolis and St. Paul essential to the lifestyle and daily routine of so many. 

In 2015, The Trust for Public Land’s annual rankings of big city parks put St. Paul at the top of the list, which was only the first year of its eligibility thanks to the rankings now including

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