3 Must-Follow Tips When Staging Your St. Paul Home

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, January 13th, 2017 at 7:33pm.

Thinking about selling your St. Paul home in 2017? With the Twin Cities real estate market projected to remain hot during the early part of the new year, finding easy and efficient ways that help make your home stand out can go a long way in getting a deal done quickly. And when it comes to making your home stand out, properly staging it to specifically appeal to today’s home buyers is precisely where you need to start. 

When many St. Paul home sellers first hear the word “staging,” fears of spending thousands and thousands of dollars are what sometimes first come to mind. But before you hit the panic button so-to-speak, understand that even small changes and design elements make a difference. So regardless of how minimal some of these tips might seem, understand that any sort of sophisticated staging works if done right. 

Pay close attention to the shelving 

Designers will tell you how to organize a bookcase or built-in shelving matters significantly. So first thing’s first—clean up and organize your book cases and other visible shelving throughout the house. And to avoid a cluttered look, a third of your shelving area should be occupied by books, another third by decorative accessories, and the final third left open. 

Brighten up living spaces with flowers 

There’s no better way to spruce up a room than with bright, colorful, and freshly cut flowers. And at the same time, flowers strategically placed throughout your living spaces give off more of a luxury feel, as long as you’re able to color-coordinate your flower arrangements with the accent colors of whatever room you’re decorating. 

Get with the technological times 

Old technology scattered throughout a home makes a home feel old and dated. And in most cases, there’s no faster way to turn off a potential buyer. So do yourself a favor and ditch the land line phones, old intercom systems, and any visible wiring clutter you can find. And in today’s ever-evolving wireless landscape, you might also find that you didn't really need all those wires hanging around anyway!

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