A Look at What Today's Buyers Want in a New Construction Home

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Saturday, November 26th, 2016 at 11:35am.

New Construction Homes For Sale in St. PaulEvery individual home buyer has his or her own specific wish list, but even despite certain preferences, needs, or wants, today’s buyers tend to share some of the same desires when it comes to buying a new home or condo. 

Recently, Builder took a closer look at just what many of today’s home buyers seek in a new place to live, asking a variety of real estate professionals to provide some insight on top design trends and what new construction home buyers are specifically requesting when customizing their new dream home. As you’ll see from the list, some of the items are pretty typical, while others may be a bit surprising. 

Open Layouts

Open layouts have been a top choice for awhile now. A great flow is perfect for entertaining, and it’s also more functional and makes the inside of any home or condo feel much more spacious than a more traditional floor plan. 

Neutral Color Schemes 

Today’s home buyers are more savvy than ever. Considering resale value and the difficulty of eventually selling a home is high up on the radar of many home buyers today, making neutral colors a top design choice. 

No Dining Rooms 

Our always-on-the-go culture has eliminated the use for dining rooms in many ways, which to some, might be an unfortunate reality. But even if you prefer a more traditional lifestyle, having space you’ll rarely use doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. And with so many buyers today focused on functionality, dining rooms just aren't a top priority for many in the market for a new home. 

Lots of Storage 

Having ample storage space is likely something home buyers will always covet, which is exactly why oversized closets and extra-large garages are at the top of many home buyers’ wish lists. Even finished basements are almost a must-have in new construction anymore, which of course provides even more living and storage space. 

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