Buy Low, Sell High in St. Paul's Up-and-Coming Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Sunday, February 21st, 2016 at 11:41am.

Dayton's Bluff NeighborhoodAlthough Dayton’s Bluff has a fairly seedy past in recent years, a strong effort to clean up the neighborhood has been on-going for quite some time, and today, it’s an interesting choice for home buyers looking for that coveted buy low, sell high opportunity.

Vacant houses are being bought up and restored, the crime rate has declined considerably, and the dream of transforming the new Dayton’s Bluff back into the coveted location it was back in the 1800s is finally becoming a reality.

Back then, incredible mansions that overlooked the growing city of St. Paul were being built and charming little cottages filled out the rest of the area’s quiet residential landscape. Where things seemed to go wrong, however, is that by 1980s, many of these larger mansion-style homes were converted into multi-unit apartments that were poorly managed and maintained, eventually leading to the area’s downfall.

But given the area’s incredible collection of historic homes with fabulous architecture, both the city and many area residents felt Dayton’s Bluff was worth saving, and that’s exactly what’s been happening since the mid 2000s.

Today, the revitalization of Dayton’s Bluff continues and given home prices in the neighborhood are still much lower than the average for St. Paul, the neighborhood presents a unique opportunity for home buyers looking for a project that could pay dividends down the road. Because if you’re spent any time around Dayton’s Bluff recently, you know its neighbors are completely committed to making this part of St. Paul great again.

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