Increase Resale Value with these 3 Inexpensive Fix-Ups

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Thursday, December 31st, 2015 at 6:26am.


When you first notice a flaw in your house, maybe a scuffed baseboard or peeling paint, you vow to fix it. For any number of reasons you just don’t get around to it but, interestingly, after a while, it becomes invisible. You just stop noticing that stuff.

That’s fine if you aren’t planning on selling the home. If you are thinking of selling your St. Paul home, however, you’ll need to get out the paint brushes and tarps and get to work.

Let’s take a look at three easy and cheap fix-up jobs that will help you get the most money you can from the sale of your home.


You may think that a dirty carpet won’t stop the sale of your home. After all, the buyer only need rent a carpet shampooer at Home Depot and the problem is solved, right? Wrong!

I’ve had clients walk into a home and, within 30 seconds want to leave because of dirty carpets. Those buyers that brave walking over the carpets to see the rest of the home are counting, in their minds, the amount of dollars that should be knocked off the asking price to have the carpets replaced. Replaced???!!! Yes, if they’re dirty, they are disgusting. Nobody wants to move their family into a home with disgusting carpets, whether or not the filth can be shampooed out or not.

Fresh carpet, or even better, laminate or stone, makes the entire home look well-maintained and clean.


Since kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important rooms to homebuyers, it’s important that they be as clean as possible. Not only does this mean you should put away anything that isn’t decorative (toothbrushes, toiletries, etc.) but fix anything that makes the rooms look shabby.

If you have tile counters in the kitchen, that’s one strike against you right there. Today’s buyers don’t want tile and, if the grout is grimy and dirty, it’s even worse. You can attempt to clean the grout with a bleach product. Then, set about fixing the caulking around the sinks, tubs and showers.


One of the improvements to a home that brings the highest return on the money invested is painting. A fresh coat of paint makes a room look and smell clean and new and that is exactly what today’s homebuyers are seeking.

Study after study shows that homebuyers want homes that are “turn-key,” meaning they don’t want to have to perform minor repairs before they can move in. A home that looks ready to move right into will bring the maximum amount of money the St. Paul real estate market will allow.


Image: United Soybean Board/flickr, via CC by 2.0


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