Neighborhood Spotlight: Hamline-Midway

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 at 12:18pm.


The Hamline-Midway is a Saint Paul neighborhood best known for being the long standing home of Charles M. Shulz, cartoonist of “Peanuts.” It was named after the Hamline University and its location in the middle of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The Hamline portion of the name comes from Hamlin University being relocated within the neighborhood’s boundaries from Red Wing, MN back in 1880.

The Midway is part of the name represents that the neighborhood falls directly in the middle between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul. The neighborhood is not only a great location but offers great amenities to residents living here.

About Hamline-Midway

Living in Hamline-Midway is convenient because the green line light rail connects both downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul with 18 stations, on being in Midway on University Avenue. This means residents have easy access to all of the excitement offered by both downtowns. Many families live here and it’s a similar vibe to the Como neighborhood that borders it.

There is a great sense of community where locals work together to keep any kids living here safe, they are creative about building community, they gather locals together, prevent crime and slow traffic. They have a Pain the Pavement event to promote crime prevention where you’ll notice locals painting and chalking pictures on the sidewalks and streets to show their passion for community values.


The neighborhood has the Newell Park available which offers beautiful scenic rolling landscapes and outdoor pavilions for concerts or events. The neighborhood is also a main shopping center for inner Saint Paul. It’s truly an entertainment and community hub. Ethnic cuisine is found here including Noodles and Company and authentic Vietnamese dishes from Ngon Bistro where they use local and sustainable ingredients.

Check out gorgeous views of the Saint Paul Cathedral and enjoy the sounds, tastes and sights to be seen at the Hmongtown Marketplace.

What a perfect area to live in the city where you’ll find a sense of community, great amenities, and the perfect location.

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