Neighborhood Spotlight: Lowertown

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, January 2nd, 2015 at 11:04am.

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Lowertown is a booming neighborhood in Saint Paul that is located at the edge of downtown. Lowertown is a historic area that’s been listed on the National Register. It was once an area dedicated to the largest manufacturing and distribution district and today it’s known for being one of the best areas in town for its arts and rich culture community. Here is a look at the many amenities and perks of living in Lowertown in Saint Paul.

About Lowertown

The historic neighborhood of Lowertown is a 16-block warehouse and wholesaling district. In 1983 it was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places due to the rail connections and its river connections. It also made the list for its economic impact, architecture and urban planning.


Mears Park is the major park found in Lowertown. It’s the former home of the First Baptist congregation but the church moved in 1849 a few blocks north to expand. Today the park is the host of fairs and festivals such as the Music in Mears, the Twin Cities Jazz Festival and the Concrete and Grass Music Festival. It’s a popular spot to enjoy the beautifully colorful gardens and clear creek.

The neighborhood has been listed as part of the 12 Great Neighborhoods in the Twin Cities being a great place to live and known for its artist hub. You’ll see the Saint Paul Art Crawl taking place every year. In addition, the neighborhood has the newly restored Union Depot, Utilizing Metro Transit, Light Rail, Jefferson Lines and bicycle center.


Lowertown is home to many great restaurants and bars. Many people enjoy the Saint Paul Farmer’s Market where you can purchase fresh produce on the weekends during spring, summer and fall. Faces Mears Park, Bin Wine Bar, Trattoria Da Vinci’s and Bulldog are some great restaurants and bars in the area with lively crowds.

Some popular choices are Alary’s for the largest Bloody Mary’s in town, Cork’s Irish Pub and the American and Canadian cuisine restaurants Heartland Restaurant.

Lowertown is a vibrant neighborhood in Saint Paul with plenty of recreation, amenities and history. 

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