St. Paul School Spotlight: Randolph Heights Elementary School

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Friday, October 9th, 2015 at 10:11am.

If you’re considering buying a home in St. Paul, one of the most important considerations when looking at neighborhoods is the quality of the school district. Whether or not you have children, the school district will determine if your home accumulates or bleeds value.

For this reason, the Lindahl Team features our local schools once a month here on Remember, there’s a lot more to “quality” than test scores, so if you’re thinking of a particular school for your child, do some extra research.

More than 475 students in grades Pre-K through 6 attendRandolph Heights Elementary, served by 25 full-time teachers. This gives the school about a 25:1 student/teacher ratio.

Randolph is a community school. It is also an accredited Core Knowledge school so expect greatness from Randolph kids.

Rankings and Test Scores

When you send your child to Randolph Heights Elementary School you won’t have to worry if it’s a quality school because it is. Although 6th grade students scored lower on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment exams (MCA III) than the state’s average, they handily beat the district’s.

 On the reading portion of the exams, nearly 65 percent of these 6th graders met or exceeded the state standard, compared to a district average of 44.3 percent and a state average of 59.3 percent. Randolph students appear more than ready to leave elementary school, and they will attend either Ramsey or Highland Middle School.

Randolph Heights Elementary School is located at 348 Hamline Ave South in St. Paul. Reach the school by phone at (651) 293-8780.


Image: Lucélia Ribeiro “Children at School” Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0




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