Bruce Vento Elementary School

Bruce Vento Elementary School Logo

If you’re considering buying a house in St. Paul’s Payne-Phalen neighborhood, and your children attend public school, they’ll be assigned to Bruce Vento Elementary School. With an enrollment of 516, the school serves Payne-Phalen’s Kindergarten through grade 5 students.

Bruce Vento administrators place a strong emphasis on college readiness and enforce that goal by making “a strong statement that college is our goal for every student.”

Each class at the school chooses a college or university to “adopt” and then goes about learning everything they can about the campus. In return, many colleges and universities across the U.S. then “’adopt” a classroom.

The school’s website highlights an example of this reciprocity.

“. . . the University of Minnesota’s College of Design has partnered with Vento fifth graders on projects like 3D computer-aided interior design and creating the toys of the future.”

To further enhance the school’s goal, third, fourth and fifth graders visit a local university or college every year.
You will find Bruce Vento Elementary School at 409 Case Ave. E in Saint Paul.