Galtier Community School

Galtier Community School Logo

Residents of the Hamline-Midway neighborhood are an active bunch, both in neighborhood and school issues. This only makes sense when one considers that the neighborhood is home to Hamline University and almost a dozen other educational institutions.

One of these institutions is Galtier Community School, located in Midway. The school serves 163 students in grades Pre-K through 5. From here, the students will attend Murray Middle School and then Como Park Senior High School.

Galtier goes high tech, beginning in 2014, with iPads, laptops, interactive white boards and what they’re calling “flexible and redesigned learning spaces.” They’ve replaced traditional classrooms with “bright and open ‘Learning Studios’” as well as a media center.

At Galtier, students may be grouped by skill level rather than grade, to give them more personal attention.

To learn more about Galtier’s innovative teaching environment, call for an appointment to tour the school. Their phone number is 651.293.8710. Galtier Community School is located at 1317 Charles Avenue in Saint Paul.