Team Lindahl Marketing Plan

The marketing plan will make or break the sale of your St. Paul home. A real estate agent that can’t show you a marketing plan is an agent that won’t get the home sold quickly and for the most money possible.

Kris Lindahl has THE marketing plan – a plan responsible for selling 2.5 homes a day. It’s a marketing plan that makes him so valuable that he was chosen by RealTrends/Trulia as one of “America’s Best Real Estate Agents.”

Lindahl’s plan is customized to each St. Paul home he lists. He knows that no two homes are identical in all aspects and the plan is flexible enough to allow for the differences.

Next, he taps into a network of contacts that, as a Minnesota native, he has spent a lifetime building. Finally, his affiliation with Kris Lindahl Real Estate opens up yet another vast network – one that is worldwide.

The Right Price

Setting an appropriate list price for homes is a balancing act. Price the home too high and it may sit on the market and languish. Price it too low and you, the homeowner, lose money.

Kris Lindahl Team members price homes every day of every week. They are most likely more familiar with home sales in your neighborhood than any other agent in town. Whether you live in Summit Hill, Mac Grove or in the North End neighborhood, Lindahl Team members will be able to suggest a spot-on listing price.

The Right Exposure

The trick to a quick sale is getting as many people through the doors of your home as possible. Yes, the listing in the MLS is important, but marketing a home should never stop there, but sadly too often does.

The Lindahl Team with Kris Lindahl Real Estate uses a variety of online portals to get the word out about your home. We will also feature your home right here on and expose it to our world-wide network of home buyers and real estate investors.

The Bottom Line

Quite simply, the Kris Lindahl Team is absolutely committed to its clients. They are so confident that they will sell your home for the price you need that they offer a guarantee.

Still not convinced? Many of Lindahl’s clients were so pleased with his services that they took the time to review him at Zillow. Feel free to read through the testimonials and you’ll be convinced that Kris Lindahl is the agent for you.

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