Murray Middle School

Murray Middle School Logo

Murray Middle School, located in the Saint Anthony Park neighborhood of St. Paul, serves 800+ students in grades 6 through 8. Murray is unique in that students will have the same teacher and the same classmates for Foundations for all three years of middle school. In addition, they’ll have the same teacher for their core subjects each year.

Students at Murray like the school’s variety of elective courses. Some of the most popular include:

  • Computers
  • Creative writing
  • Orchestra
  • Beginning Band
  • Drama
  • Ceramics

Other features that make Murray unique include the fact that the school has the largest science fair of any middle school in Minnesota; the school offers French and Spanish Camp retreats in Bemidji; band performances in various Twin City venues and one large city tour, such as Chicago or New York.

Sports offered at Murray Middle School include wrestling, baseball, football, softball, volleyball, badminton, track & field, basketball and soccer.

Murray offers other activities as well, such as a computer club, yearbook and student newspaper, Lego robotics, debate, a French club, break dancing, a student council and more.

Students seeking more rigorous courses may participate in challenge-level courses in English and social studies.

From Murray, students go on to Como Park Senior High.

In addition to community middle schools, such as Murray, the district offers regional and district magnet schools. To learn more about these schools, call the district at 651.767.8100.

You’ll find Murray Middle School at 2200 Buford Avenue in St. Paul.