Randolph Heights Elementary School

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One of the higher rated elementary schools in St. Paul, Randolph Heights Elementary School serves 462 students in grades K through 5.

Randolph Heights Elementary is located in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood, which is also home to four other public schools:

  • Groveland Park Elementary
  • Ramsey Middle School
  • Laura Jeffrey Academy
  • Central High School

Mac-Grove residents value education. About 37 percent of them hold a bachelor’s degree and just a few less hold graduate or professional degrees. That they are highly educated shows in the neighborhood’s median household income of $70,345 – substantially higher than Minnesota’s median.

It also shows in the way in which the community rallies around their schools. Volunteers from within the community help with the Book Club for the younger children and other programs. The PTA is quite active, with parents helping to plan family events, field trips and fundraising events.

Randolph Heights is an accredited Core Knowledge school and the students’ achievement on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series II proves that the curriculum works. Children in grade 3, for instance, scored 92 percent in math, far exceeding the state average of 83 percent.

The state average for reading was 80 percent, yet Randolph Heights’ students scored 95 percent.

Teachers are supported in the classroom by full-time specialists in various disciplines.

From here, Randolph Heights’ students move on to either Ramsey or Highland Middle Schools and then Highland Senior High.

To schedule a campus tour, call 651.293.8780. Randolph Heights Elementary School is located at 348 South Hamline Avenue in Saint Paul.